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I’ve just produced stupid error and sent applications for that loan with Castle Finance

I’ve just produced stupid error and sent applications for that loan with Castle Finance

Once I reported to AK Managemnet via e-mail and mentioned the choice of a fee straight right right back, AK Management called and refunded instantly the amount of money taken. They never issued a receipt only after insisting, maybe perhaps not showing any VAT.

Christmas eve I experienced ВЈ168 taken out of my account by 5 companies that are different 2 remained pending. My bank where we reside stated there clearly was absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing they are able to do. O have actually since had another ВЈ80 taken on 6/1/15. We phoned my bank who will be using each step to recoup this, there’s absolutely no guarantee i am going to obtain it straight back but at the very least they truly are attempting. If my branch could have obstructed my card in 24 dec absolutely nothing else would went away and here could have been a significantly better possiblity to obtain the other fees right back, therefore I have actually placed a grievance in.

I simply been phoned by Castle Finance and asked to pay for ВЈ110, very very first payment to their account. They provided me with their type code and account number. It’s for a ВЈ2000 loan is the fact that right?

They robbed my grandmother away from ВЈ200, whilst still being had the cheek to inquire about for an additional ВЈ299. Phoning over and over repeatedly from 9am regarding the dot. She was asked by them to place it in a Barclays Bank acc.

I did not let them have my bank details but i will be still concerned they will certainly just simply just take out of the cost.

Has anyone been aware of mloans or bbloans? We used online this past year for financing making the error of dropping for the brokerage cost, now a 12 months later on i have had those two businesses for a couple weeks now|weeks that are few} having a pound out of my account then placing it straight back. cash1 loans customer login Checked my bank today and mloans have actually taken ВЈ69.95.

Anybody recognized mloans? That’s just how back at my bank statement while they took ВЈ69.99 off me personally.

Advance America is a scam, a valuable thing they just got me personally outta $20. Don’t get caught paying upfront charges.

I’ve gotten calls and texting telling that my loan happens to be authorized and a guarantor is wanted by them repayment of ВЈ300 because of this. I’ve been online trying to find out reviews with this business but can maybe not find any information. Assist.

Robert, do not have almost anything to do using this business! They simply ripped of ВЈ460 a week ago, asking us to purchase ukash vouchers and then let them have over the telephone as a deposit release a ! Now we make an effort to ring them, they place the phone down! They have been an Asian business but have English first and 2nd names! Me find them if you can, please help!

Hi here, the actual thing that is same personally in my opinion yesterday, personally i think so stupid. They called their business quickcash, all were asian and all had english first and names that are last. I will be in the act of attempting getting my cash back, strangely one of many guys We talked to took a taste for me, played along thinking merely a charmer, but he emailed asking us to skype him etc and begging not to ever allow his business understand otherwise he would get their passport removed him and wouldn’t manage to go homeward, really weird. anyhow he also text me thus I learned their genuine title, once I worked out I was not getting my loan or money-back we told them. they certainly weren’t delighted, we emailed this guy telling him getting my cash back etc, next minute quickcash phoned me asking concerning the e-mails. really panicky, we told them to e-mail with evidence that we paid them cash etc. they fundamentally did. I’ve told them that I want my cash by 6pm today otherwise i will the FSA and let the social media marketing understand exactly about them. No news yet, but allow you to understand how it goes. Personally I think a bit mean off him, but I had to do something to get them to take me seriously if they have took his passport.

Um, would you mind giving us that email address? The tiny rat understands just what he did to numerous individuals in a hopeless situation. Would not mind the e-mail plus some info!

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