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Without a doubt on how to troubleshoot a control relay and a blower motor

Without a doubt on how to troubleshoot a control relay and a blower motor

Troubleshooting a control relay and a blower engine are a couple of essential electric skills for collision repairers. This informative article, component two of a two-part show on electric bug searching, explains those tasks.

A test light multimeter, a small piece of wire and a small automotive bulb and socket are needed to check a control relay. A motor vehicle part marker light light light bulb and socket work very well since it has wires that are small. Then follow these six actions to troubleshoot a control relay:

Action 1. Anytime there’s a problem with electronically managed elements such as for example a control relay for the motor, transmission, ABS braking system or SRS (supplemental discipline system – airbag), examine all fuses by having a test light and check the under-hood energy circulation center and under-dash fuse panels. A fuse provides capacity to operate the relay also to the component that is controlled. If all fuses test OK, continue steadily to the step that is next.

Action 2. To look at the relay procedure, have actually a helper change the ignition key into the up on position after which towards the crank position while your hands are in the relay under consideration. If the key is relocated to the up on position or as soon as the beginner engages, a click should be felt by you beneath your hands. If you don’t, take away the relay, and examine the connections. Whether it’s corroded or overheated, repair and reassemble it with a relay that is new recheck the procedure.