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Solo Poly. What’s solamente polyamory? My just simply take

Solo Poly. What’s solamente polyamory? My just simply take

Ideally this may be a label which will be much more commonly understood in poly groups

dating someone with emotional baggage

We have never ever been aware of this before and i need to state it is really a pity this is the situation. It must be raised more regularly making sure that other people don’t placed themselves in a light that is negative being therefore various. I’m able to make us with this I now want to make people more aware in general for myself but.

In addition desire to toss in a thing that might not have been considered. Unsure if this fits in or perhaps not. It is very important I am never the only one there for fear of being overlay depended on for me that. Previous experience as show that this really is harmful both for other people and myself. After all this within the solely 24/7 feeling and that i ought to be here each and every time all the time. We attempted choosing and selecting in past times and attempted this and it… didn’t end well. Others fearing being ignored whenever it wasn’t the situation i guess. Choosing me personally in a pick and select place. Therefore knowing that I wish to include “distance” as something to take into account.